Windows XP Migration: only 4 months left – migrate before it’s too late!

 Windows XP Migration

With a mere four months until Microsoft stops support for Windows XP (April 8th, 2014), we carried out research to understand where companies currently are in their migration. We found that only 6% of organisations had actually migrated all their devices away from Windows XP.

Microsoft’s deadline is looming large, with no further security or technical updates or bug fixes for Windows XP after 8th April. Desktops and laptops running on the operating system may become vulnerable to security threats, including those from hackers and viruses.

The research, conducted by Vanson Bourne and sponsored by VMware and Dell, surveyed 250 IT decision makers across private and public sector organisations in the UK during October 2013. According to the study, organisations still have an average of 24 business-critical applications which only run on Windows XP, with these systems including those that form the foundation of the business such as finance (58%), ERP (39%) and CRM (26%).  This data shows a large proportion of businesses may be opening themselves to security and compliance risks by running business critical apps on an unsupported system.

Other key figures from the survey found:

  • Only 34% of the IT decision makers planning to migrate were “extremely confident” they would be fully migrated by the deadline
  • 35% were not even close to completing migration
  • 20% are only partway through, with completion expected after Microsoft support ends. 

The results also show that there is a strong demand from end-users to have support from the channel:

  • 40% who are planning a migration are doing so in conjunction with a partner or reseller
  • 28% are seeking more support from the channel community

You can find out more about your options, and the products and support VMware can provide to help you make the move from Windows here.

Has your company or have you recently supported a migration from Windows XP? What you’re your experience? Join the conversation on Twitter.  

Comments (67)

    • Sam Chapman

    Well, if MS, wasn't so arrogant as to think they can just abandon something and on top of that, deliver an OS that isn't as backwardly compatible as it SHOULD be, companies would'nt be in this situation.

    Fri 20 Dec 2013, 12:13 [reply]

    • Clem

    Commercial companies, including MS, are trying to scare people into buying new computers and software.

    There is no need to panic. Most companies will continue to support XP.

    Kaspersky say until at least 2018, Firefox indefinitely, and so on.

    Updates from MS are not really necessary. XP will continue to work without them.


    Tue 28 Jan 2014, 14:33 [reply]

  • If companies switched to a modern OS (read "GNU/Linux"), they wouldn't be in this situation. ;)

    Sun 2 Feb 2014, 09:51 [reply]

    • Steve

    Lol - when you say modern... ahem, you do realise that Unix, of which Linux is a replica, predates Windows - MS-Dos and that infact MS-Dos itself copied the Unix shell command line functionality and a number of its utilities? However you're right in that Linux is a far better bet for commercial and technical reasons.

    Sat 15 Feb 2014, 18:21 [reply]

  • Linux is a modern OS. What's wrong in saying it laud?

    Thu 20 Feb 2014, 15:57 [reply]

    • Jon

    FAO SAM: How long SHOULD a company support an old product? Remember they have not made any money from WinXP for some time now, and at some point have to stop supporting the users still on it.

    Them stopping support does not stop you using the software - it just does not get updates any more. Plenty of companies will still be using it for some time, and still using their legacy software. The major business risks are that a package gets an update and no longer works on WinXP (although these companies tend not to update software either), or that a new exploit is found, but there are other ways of minimising this risk with firewalls, add on software and other options.

    They don't support Win 3.11 any more either...

    Fri 20 Dec 2013, 13:35 [reply]

    • ashab

    old product? my windows xp used to work better than my windows 8 does now! in fact we should actually stay on xp because its just same software but 8 only looks different and has a different start menu. thats it!

    i might install xp again

    Sun 5 Jan 2014, 17:17 [reply]

    • Elliott

    Hi Ashab,

    Windows XP is not the same as Windows 8 at all.

    This archaic 32bit operating system allows the computer running it, to utilise only '4GB' of 'slow' 'Memory'. This places unnecessary constraints on software developers who are forever expected to push boundaries when building new software; which in-effect provides Windows XP users a cut-down version of the software they run.

    Whilst not supporting any modern web browsers forcing its users to loose out on great features HTML5 has brought to the web browser. Windows XP comes installed with Internet Explorer 6 which is the worst web browser ever made.

    There are many other reasons for ditching the old-hag, but here is few.

    Installing XP again would be a tragic mistake.

    Sun 12 Jan 2014, 13:18 [reply]

    • Feeb

    Modern browsers work fine on Windows XP. I have the latest Chrome, Opera, Safari & IE installed on mine.

    Mon 27 Jan 2014, 01:18 [reply]

    • Feeb

    And although I'm not a Microsoft fan I support them on this decision. I'm amazed they've kept support up for so long.

    Mon 27 Jan 2014, 01:21 [reply]

    • Venlo

    Your starter for ten - What is the difference between 'loose' and 'lose'? If you do not know, never mind — 320 million Americans do not know either. The education system is failing us somewhere.

    Sun 2 Mar 2014, 16:11 [reply]

    • max

    to say that 4 Giga for a software package is not enough, is a quite ridiculous sentence.
    if you need to fly to the moon, may be you need powerfull computing resources, but for conventional software this is a very large resource.
    Also to mention Explorer 6 is ridiculuous: XP works with Explorer 9.
    Why do you speak of a matter that you don't know? Or are you paid by Microsoft to say that?

    Sat 15 Mar 2014, 20:18 [reply]

    • nic

    Quite agree. At work we were forced to move to Windows 7 and I have always hated it. XP was much better, and so much more intuitive and less "poncy" U(I'm nearly 63 so I feel intitled to use the term. Apparently Windows 8 seems to be some kind of cosmic joke gone wrong although I have never had to use it, nor wish to

    Wed 12 Feb 2014, 15:57 [reply]

    • Bob

    Jon, I believe Microsoft should continue supporting Windows XP, as it still has a huge user base.

    Microsoft should have developed SP4 upgrade to Windows XP. (I don't mind if it a paid upgrade).

    If was forced to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8. I would be doing so begrudgingly.

    My hardware, is fairly powerful, but I would need to buy a brand new PC, just because it is too expensive to buy a retail version of Windows 7/8.

    Plus, I would need to buy a brand new copy of Microsoft Office, as some people say older version don't work well on Win 7 / 8.

    If I felt, I was getting value for money upgrading, then it would make sense. Is there anything to get excited about Windows 7 or 8?. When you look at products like Apple Mac (both hardware and software), it takes your breath away.

    If Microsoft included Microsoft Office along with a new PC, it would take some of the pain away.

    The following are not my words, but someone else wrote them :

    "I continue to resent Microsofts belligerent attitude when it comes to the way they do business; it may be fine for their stockholders, but all we customers get is more of the same ol' 'We gotcha and you're stuck with us'"

    Sat 21 Dec 2013, 03:53 [reply]

    • ashab

    ive got office 2003 and ive got windows 8 and they work fine

    Sun 5 Jan 2014, 17:08 [reply]

    • Bob

    Remember not everyone can afford a new PC, there are a lot of people in the third world, who cannot upgrade at the drop of the hat....

    Sat 21 Dec 2013, 03:57 [reply]

    • Val

    Yes Bob. Wiki reports the worldwide desktop XP OS market share to be 28.98% as of December 2013. Many machines will be our old rubbish, low grade equipment charitably donated to the third world. No option to upgrade there. Yep, they're stuffed again.

    Sun 19 Jan 2014, 09:12 [reply]

  • There are Linux distros especially made for old hardware. Linux Mint and such aren't too different from XP for doing most tasks.

    Thu 6 Mar 2014, 18:52 [reply]

    • elliott hall

    You dont need to buy a new pc to change the operating system this can be done by disk instillation at the boot menu before winXP boot's up so no need to break the bank also if u dont want to buy win7 or higher you could torrent it or possibly switch to Linux such as ubunto which are completely free or feel free to donate

    Elliott Hall 13

    Hope That Helps

    Tue 21 Jan 2014, 18:36 [reply]

    • Dave Newman

    Old and current PCs can be updated with Linux Distros, Currently Linux Mint 16, and Ubuntu 13.10. They can be downloaded FREE from a torrent or installed from DVD, and what's more you can use the same installation DVD for other machines without pirating. For business it has a compatible office suite with Microsoft Office. Who needs Windows!

    Sat 8 Feb 2014, 20:31 [reply]

    • moe sislack

    Its all about greed, that Bill Gates wants to control what people buy but he will fail cos xp is gonna be around for long time. Why bring out a new os that will not support old software, even microsoft office 2007 will not run on Windows 8. They want to con us into buying new software that do the same thing as old software. I hate these people,xp does not need support, 3rd party antivirus does the job

    Mon 23 Dec 2013, 02:06 [reply]

    • newshound999

    If it helps.....Microsoft Office 2007 does run, very well, under Windows 8. You can legally install the OEM version of Windows 8 on your own PC and if you are really stuck with old incompatible software then you can download Virtual Box, absolutely free, from Oracle Software and continue to run programs in an XP Virtual Machine.

    Mon 23 Dec 2013, 08:42 [reply]

    • mike

    interesting....i have win 8 and I'm running Office 2007....

    Sun 12 Jan 2014, 13:40 [reply]

    • SmartAlec

    It is unfortunate to find people like yourself who strive to rise above those around them by slagging them off. Never mind, in years to come you may look back & think "Yep, a bit arrogant back then!"

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 20:36 [reply]

    • shimoji

    Crikey. You are the rudest person that I have come across - even on the internet. It's someone with a different opinion to you but you are vulgar and insulting and foul-mouthed.
    Take a wee look at yourself. Not pleasant is it?

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 23:10 [reply]

    • steven nelson

    HEY just Listen To you all complaining about Microsoft stopping support for Windows XP all you have to do is upgrade to windows 7 or 8 this would be a cheaper option for most people compared to apple i purchased my Mac Powerpc for a very Lot of money and Look What apple did they stopped support for Mac Powerpc and i am with a very expensive obsolete Mac and i have no choice but to keep up with what apple is offering i am forced to purchase another Mac because apple decided to lock down the Mac Powerpc so that no newer OSX or software would work on this machine so you people using windows computers are very Lucky because Microsoft have not Locked down your computer and you are free to install the Latest O/S that Microsoft is offering i myself have no choice with apple this will cost me the price of a new Mac and you people using windows computers this will only cost you the price of O/S upgrade so which boat would you rather be in ask yourself that question

    Thu 26 Dec 2013, 21:10 [reply]

    • SmartAlec

    Got to admit, that sucks!

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 20:37 [reply]

    • janet

    This page is just stuffed with replies like this, which are patheticly planted comments by the Microsoft Greed Machine. XP is a perfectly functional system used by extremely poor people. Gates seems quite happy to send his excessive profiteering to African charities, but mercilessly punishes his customers!

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 23:17 [reply]

    • Mr Jobby

    Why don't you all just stop complaining and get linux and open office?

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 19:35 [reply]

    • SmartAlec

    I was quite content with XP but was persuaded to give Linux a try. If the choice is between paying a rediculous amount of money for Microsoft operating system, more for Office & yet more for anti virus software or a free open source system, free office software, no anti virus required (yet) it's no contest. Loads of software apps are being made available, one which even allows me to run old DOS programs. There is a thriving Linux community out there if you need help adapting available source software for your own hacks. I have learnt so much. Even with the £50 donation I've made it's better value, for me anyway. I wish Bill all the best but I won't be contributing to his pension any more.

    Fri 27 Dec 2013, 20:21 [reply]

    • Rob

    Nobody is stopping anybody from using XP. The cost of maintaining a development team and ongoing support though for maintenance, virus fixes etc has to come from somewhere. For the cost of a OEM version (£60) we have had over 10 years of updates. Compared to Apple, who shutdown my ipad version 1, I touch version 1 and iPhone version 1 all after 4-5 years of usage by stopping upgrades and removing compatible apps from the store. If you also upgrade early, eg Windows 8 was only £25 with three Windows Media Centre then it keeps the cost down. Hanging back is a false economy unless you are going to change you whole ecosystem (Linux) IMHO.

    Sun 29 Dec 2013, 18:27 [reply]

    • NH Storbeck

    I tried that and couldn't make Linux work.

    Wed 15 Jan 2014, 17:00 [reply]

    • Steve

    I remember when Win 3.1 was replaced by Win 95 - that was nice too !!

    Tue 31 Dec 2013, 14:56 [reply]

    • David

    There are two major stumbling block not getting much attention.

    Those recommending an upgrade to Win7 or 8 fail to understand that XP is the last OS which can, when required, talk directly to the hardware. This means such things as medical equipment, production controls, diagnostic equipment and much else. Sometimes this can be solved by a re-write for Win7/8 but so often that is either impractical or horendously expensive.

    The seond point is that Governments and especially the EU have a policy of only accepting financial statements from approved and auditable-compliant software. Once XP is not supported by MS, software running on it fails that test.

    Wed 1 Jan 2014, 12:33 [reply]

    • Roy

    There are some very ignorant comments on here. How long is a company expected to provide free support for? They receive no more income from XP as it hasn't been for sale for a fair while now, and its not like they are stopping you from using it.

    In terms of compliance for financial software running on XP etc, well its hardly MS's fault that publishers and developers have left it too late to update their products - they've known for a few years that XP is EoL in 2014

    In terms of medical and diagnostic equipment, these items should be on a private network with no internet access whatsoever anyway, so possible vulnerabilities won't be an issue

    Thu 2 Jan 2014, 12:22 [reply]

    • Torry

    Hospitals do not have the cash to lay out two different networks, just so that they can run unpatched OS'es for their legacy equipment. The costs of running such a second network would be higher then just buying a new OS or rewriting the old software or other options. All equipment that is connected to the hospitals network is therefor susceptible to potential outside attacks, as doctors and other people need to be able to access resources outside the hospital.

    Just dump Windows and make the transition to Linux. Which can even run old DOS programs that spectacularly fail on Windows. Or run the no longer supported OS in a VM with strict rules.

    For inexperienced user that want to try out Linux I would recommend Ubuntu or one of the Linux flavors based on it like Mint. As it has a huge community and support. Ubuntu tries to make Linux an one click and go experience, with a lot of stuff in its repository's, including such things as proprietary graphics drivers loathed by other "pure" Linux fans, but that make you able to run 3D games.

    Be aware to set your privacy settings in the newest Ubuntu's, or else it shares all your local searches for documents and files with Amazon, to feed you with commercial offers. Set in privacy settings, Search results tab, include online search results to "OFF".

    Tue 4 Feb 2014, 15:16 [reply]

    • Andy

    The cold reality is that Windows XP is possibly the last M$ operating system that users will ever have any passion for.

    If I was an investor I would be dumping my M$ shares as users now have cheaper-faster-better-easier-nicer-looking choices; from Linux desktop/server to IOS power users, and the exploding universe of Android, the Clouded world has moved on - M$ is no longer the OS supplier of first and only resort. Rather, the bulky IBM-like PC running bloated Windows is the *last* thing anyone needs these days - especially that poor IT Manager who is by now, sick and tired of forever patching the coporation's Windows zoo.

    It's sad to see XP go but, it's been holding out for a *lot* longer than it was meant to. Supported or not, I am sure XP will persist on someone's desktop for another twenty years. Bugs, security holes and service pack hell aside, it earns a place in the computer hall of fame.

    Sat 4 Jan 2014, 14:30 [reply]

    • Davey of Cornwall

    Way back along I bought a laptop running Vista. The first thing that I noticed was that NONE of my "Legacy" software would run. Lotus Smartsuite flashed up its welcome page but then a line of red text stated that something was missing and the program could not run. I think the term for this is "being knobbled". I got rid of that laptop which severely overheated very quickly indeed! My all time big-hitter was a Gerrycom Blockbuster running Xp. It had a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 and maximum memory. It really flew - literally - when it was stolen in a burglary. Its replacement was a low-end Celeron powered Windows 7 laptop which I regard as rubbish but why buy i7 machines as presents for burglars? When I bought it I was sweet-talked into buying Office 2010 which cost me £84. Outlook on my £84 package still produces nag screens citing "Unlicensed Product" and stating that the £84 package is just a trial version! It seems that the full version costs ANOTHER £200! This is in my opinion greed with a capital G.

    Another scam was the used Netbook that I purchased. OK its still been hardly used by both myself and the previous owner as its basically junk (It has a dummy SIM slot!) After a year or so of it being idle I started to roll it back thinking that it originally had Xp (it was late and I was tired) Rollback took it back to the time when it had a password on it and it locked-up! Later a menu was discovered that had "Restore your machine to its out-of-the-box condition". I did this but it installed Windows 7 Home Basic. The upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium which it originally had would now cost £70! It was a scam. The Netbook isn't really worth £70 and I have no intention of contributing any further funds towards Bill Gates's 40 knot gin palace.

    Which distro of Linux would be the most suitable? Best regards from Davey.

    Fri 10 Jan 2014, 14:01 [reply]

    • louis

    I found the best verson of linux is lite.. I have used linux for some years now off and on but now it's much more user friendly, haveing used lite for a few months now I would not even think of going back to windows now what ever version.. and you don't need all that virus software headache, it runs so smooth and fast.. wonderful...

    Tue 14 Jan 2014, 12:44 [reply]

    • sandy

    I used windows 89 second edition and it worked fine, moved to xp no problem. Microsoft missed the trick if it software was a reasonable price people would not download newer software to keep up.

    Sat 11 Jan 2014, 14:27 [reply]

    • Thaumaturge

    Switch to Mac ! Simples!

    Sat 11 Jan 2014, 15:00 [reply]

    • Valerie

    Wiki reports the worldwide desktop XP OS market share to be 28.98% as of December 2013. Many machines will be our old rubbish, low grade equipment charitably donated to the third world. No option to upgrade there. Yep, they're stuffed again.

    Sun 19 Jan 2014, 09:08 [reply]

    • Tech Babbler

    Dump windows and embrace Linux.. try a live CD first and then ask yourself what do you need windows for... try to use wine or other software to run windows apps under linux... if you really must.

    I was forced at home to upgrade from xp to 7 (just to support my phone, and later realised that there was no need as I could manage the phone online instead)

    If we all walk away from MS/IOS and adopt open source, then we can break free.

    Tue 21 Jan 2014, 17:29 [reply]

    • Andy

    When you first even heard of XP it was hailed as a breakthrough, the answer to all out problems.

    Sevice pack 2 then 3 ironed out any issues, and further, if you bought xp professional.

    Did you really think you would be stitched up further down the line into upgrading to Vista, then 7 and now 8?

    Microsoft had no initial interest in releasing an operating system that would be "an answer to all our problems" for very long, really, did they?

    The money they make is in printing licenses to use their software.

    The later the OS the more hardware and memory hungry it becomes, forcing hardware upgrades and a whole pile of computers at the local dump that were all hailed as "the fastest" pc of its day.

    Could it be that the hardware manufacturers have a tacit agreement that MS keep on coming out with an OS that requires more hardware upgrades to feed the industry so they will "bundle" the new "improved" Windows for the next sucker to put in their car and take down the tip in a few months time?

    Wed 22 Jan 2014, 09:49 [reply]

    • CRDF

    The whole of consumer life is geared to rapid product turnover, for the benefit of the manufacturer; be it the constant blowing-up of jug-kettles, the failure of washing-machines in mid-spin after just two years, or the enforced upgrading of software and hardware.
    When you look at it, most hardware can go on for years; it's the darned electronic chips that pack up, and no-one can be fagged to mend those these days.....just chuck it all away and get a new machine. No wonder the world is full of rubbish-tips of tv's, washers, computers, etc etc......what a complete and utter waste of materials.

    Something's very wrong somewhere....we are not in control of our own lives.

    Fri 24 Jan 2014, 14:15 [reply]

    • Colin Arundel

    Use good virus/malware product.Still use XP Professional 64bit that runs all my vital progs such as Quicken smoothly. I always build into my XP system Computer cases 'trays&trolleys' - so I have XP Prof, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1 installed systems instantly available in seconds. No buying 'new' computers.
    My big joy, which everyone seems to have missed - is in XP we now will NOT have to wait at every Boot up ages of 'downloading and Installing of loads of security and updates ... Colin the XP Prof 64 defender

    Mon 27 Jan 2014, 11:16 [reply]

    • Chris G

    Windows XP has survived through Service Pack and other updates to become a stable OS platform. That is now being consigned to the waste bin so that we can go through the whole darn process all over again. Lunacy!
    I understand the economics arguments, but these are only a smokescreen to support the greed of industries that will do anything to maintain the tired old status quo.
    The sensible approach would be to build upon the advances that have already been made and to continue to develop further the existing system. Rather than do the sensible thing let's instead do the thing that will make the most money! Despite man's cleverness and ingenuity it's surprising how dumb he can be.

    Wed 29 Jan 2014, 15:42 [reply]

    • Chris

    A few years back I bought a laptop with an absolute disaster of an OS by the name of Vista, that OS stayed on my Laptop for 2 hours before being replaced by Xp Pro, that laptop is being used by my mother now and it's still running like a train. I am writing this blog on a desktop using Xp Pro, personally I never understood Vista ever got of the drawing board. I have three laptops running Win 7 which I have got used to and is a reasonable up against Xp BUT WIN 8 is NIGHTMARE. My eldest daughtter has it on her laptop, what a piece of crap and I heard that Win 9 is due out next year ........... I guess MS have realized already that Win 8 is as bad as Vista under a different cloak.

    Sun 2 Feb 2014, 09:07 [reply]

  • Incidentally it is often overlooked that there is a 64-bit version of XP, and for memory-hungry apps it really rocks, especially as it wastes less of the extra RAM than Windows 7 does. It's also more secure and stable than XP32, being derived from Server 2003 code.

    Vista was Microsoft's big mistake, and they should have ditched it instead of trying to patch it up. A return to the XP64 product line would have allowed evolution toward a far better product today.

    Mon 3 Feb 2014, 12:11 [reply]

    • Tony

    Easy, Buy Macs!!!

    Wed 12 Feb 2014, 13:51 [reply]

    • g hessey

    The other day I was clearing out the attic and along with a Commadore PET
    (personal electronic transactor?)I found an old IBM pc xt with windows 3.11 for work groups and Word on it a quick dig out of a monitor and a dot matrix and it was happily producing letters the best bit was the lack of 50 million bits of options to do things most people never use. I went from xp to 7 and will skip 8 till the next one comes ou or like my servers go to a flavour of Linux

    Sat 15 Feb 2014, 18:33 [reply]

    • Simon

    windows xp 64 bit kill windows 7 64 bit.

    Windows 7 it's a fraud beacuse it is a windows vista camouflaged as new but it isn't.

    Also about windows xp updates I always blocked them they are only heavy and useless like windows help!.

    On the web you can find free better antivirus and protection softwere rather then defender.

    Some idiot say:"windows 7 it's better and faster than xp"
    windows xp occupy only 1gb of your HD, windows 7 occupy 20 gb!!!! how can a system that it's heavier and based on windows vista be faster than xp that it's much lighter????????

    also for to do the same staff that I used to do before with 2GB of ram (xp), now with windows 7 I need 4GB!!!!! isn't it stupid?

    it's like to force an old man that used to go to shopping with a small car to buy a sport car with with 300 Hp(with the excuse that his old car will no longer receive support),for to do rally competitions?
    no! just for to do shopping like before! isn't it stupid consumism?

    the pc should fit on my needs and not the opposit, windows 7 don't fit my needs like xp so I won't buy.

    Tue 18 Feb 2014, 22:47 [reply]

  • Microsoft should put XP as open sources and let the community update it into an OpenWindows OS. I think it will have a surprising effect.

    Thu 20 Feb 2014, 16:09 [reply]

  • Windows 7. Seven key presses where previously one would have done. Windows 8. Eight key presses where previously one would have done with the added penalty it’s almost impossible to figure out which keys you’re meant to press!

    Microsoft really do seem to have lost the plot. They appear to seriously believe that people operate computers for their own sake. They don’t (well maybe with the possible exception of pre-adolescents!). People generally operate computers as a
    means to an end. For work (mainly) or for entertainment.

    As for Microsoft’s W 8 so called Smart screen which aims to frighten everyone by issuing libellous warnings when attempting to install any software not signed off’ by Microsoft. At great expense and inconvenience to millions of legitimate developers throughout the world. On the pretext of ‘protecting’ the user’s computer. I have only one comment to make. It’s a Protection Packet. No more, no less. I look forward to the first successful class action lodged against them. Microsoft have had their day it seems but they don’t look like going down gracefully!

    Tue 4 Mar 2014, 14:59 [reply]

  • My main gripe about this is that the Windows upgrade process requires a complete rebuild of the computer, re-installing all the software with keys, passwords, user settings and so on. There do seem to be migration programs available, but I have been told by a well qualified IT salesperson that they are only partially effective.

    Tue 4 Mar 2014, 17:51 [reply]

    • John

    I have a laptop with XP and a tower with Windows 7.
    XP is so user friendly,just love it.
    It allows me to use Autocad 2000,it does not work with Windows 7 even though i tried running with the so called XP background.I spoke to Autodesk,they advised me to buy a new program for €3000.
    If it ain't broken,why try to do something different,it's called making money.The latest gizmo's you buy today are out of date the minute you walk out of the shop.

    Tue 4 Mar 2014, 18:40 [reply]

    • Tim

    Bugger XP!
    Why cannot I have an OS that will run Win95 and DOS games without complicated DOS box, VM ware &c?
    Just so Gates &co. Can try selling me a new version of Office? (2003 works perfectly well on 7 - I have not tried 95 though!

    Mon 10 Mar 2014, 17:51 [reply]

  • DOSBox is not complicated. You can drag and drop EXEs into it too.

    Mon 24 Mar 2014, 22:59 [reply]

    • S Evans

    Have 8 on wife's lap top; it is a nightmare. Not at all intuitive and vastly over complicated. The missis is not a computer geek and trying to teach her how to use the laptop is the reason I've lost so much hair.

    Thu 13 Mar 2014, 16:21 [reply]

    • montydog66

    Instead of ms office, try libre office. It works a treat on Win 7 & 8. It's free.

    Sat 15 Mar 2014, 09:08 [reply]

    • Jose

    Lo mas lógico YA, es pasarse a otro sistema operativo que no sea Windows y que Microsoft, se vaya a sacar dinero a otra parte.

    Mon 17 Mar 2014, 14:32 [reply]

    • Mark

    It's not MS fault if you're too stupid to use Windows 7/8.

    Progress comes at a price - if you don't want to pay you can't expect to play.

    Mon 17 Mar 2014, 15:25 [reply]

    • c smith

    Mark. Your comment reminds me of CEO Gerald Ratner's when he addressed the Institute of Directors in 1991*. Just before his Board sacked him for it. *Look it up. If you're not too stupid that is!

    Tue 18 Mar 2014, 12:01 [reply]

    • Philip Bayes

    I Liked Windows XP and think Windows 7 is great

    Thu 20 Mar 2014, 13:43 [reply]

    • G.B

    BlaBlaBla & all these "expert" opinions...
    Bottomline is XP will work for people & companies who don't find the need to follow every latest trend & update.
    Xp was released end of 2001 so some may considerthat to be "ancient"
    But if it works, it works. No need to always have the latest technology if things work like they should. Remember: XP is ONLY and OS and most companies use additional software which works just fine as it is.
    Don't fix it if it ain't broken...

    Mon 24 Mar 2014, 05:39 [reply]

    • G B

    BlaBlaBla & all these "expert" opinions...
    Bottomline is XP will work for people & companies who don't find the need to follow every latest trend & update.
    Xp was released end of 2001 so some may considerthat to be "ancient"
    But if it works, it works. No need to always have the latest technology if things work like they should. Remember: XP is ONLY and OS and most companies use additional software which works just fine as it is.
    Don't fix it if it ain't broken...

    Mon 24 Mar 2014, 05:48 [reply]


    Has anyone looked into the prospect of taking legal action against Microsoft for cutting off support for Windows XP?

    Tue 25 Mar 2014, 09:35 [reply]


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